GTRN13 Spectator Starter Kit for Rugby


The GTRN13 Spectator Starter Kit for Rugby carries everything that you need as newcomer to the rugby community or as an avid supporter looking to take their fandom to the next level

The Spectator Start Kit For Rugby comes with the essential items that you need to navigate smoothly through any rugby event or social gathering.

The Spectator Starter Kit For Rugby includes:

  • A Shoot The Boot Drink Mug – So that you can step up to any rugby social challenge with the confidence and certainty of a veteran in the game. As well as, set you up to always be ready for a good time in the best way that celebrates the rugby community. In and outside normal rugby community moments.
  • A rugby ball – It’s impossible to truly feel completely into the rugby community and life without your own rugby ball. This is more than tossing and kicking around outside. It has to be used a pointing tool when watching on any screen. It can be a stress device while working. It can even be used a center piece for the dinner table before you sit down.
  • Ballers Play Rugby Shirt – The Celebrate Rugby T-shirt speaks for itself. There is no place where this does not apply. Represent the community. Represent your position
  • Spectator Laws To Rugby – The first ever rugby tome that contains the ancient laws to watching and understanding rugby. It’s not another explanation of how to see rugby on the pitch, but a guide to how to navigate rugby culture and connect with the community. There are aspects of the sport that don’t always make sense for newcomers, but this will help provide a guide for those who want to slide right into the fun and not skip a beat.

Additional information

Weight 2,3 lbs

Green, Royal Blue, White, Yellow


2X-Large, 3X-Large, Large, Medium, Small, X-Large


The Ballers Play Rugby Shirt


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